Wallets and bags like other leather goods, share a few common care instructions Let’s start with minimal precautions and continue with maintenance.



1. To dissipate new leather odour, try airing it out for couple days or longer.
2. Keep your wallet out of direct sunlight, heat sources and humidity for prolonged times.
3. While putting into the bag and picking out of the bag, be gentle. If the wallet has flaps, wrap it with your palm to prevent unwanted bends.
4. It would be wise to get used to leaving a room between the leather wallet and other items in the bag. Maybe a good habit to be owned might be sequencing the placement as the wallet, the tissue package and rest of the items, especially grease, perfume, alcohol to prevent staining and sharp items like pens or keys to prevent scratches.
5. Each bag has its own inner design, so observe the built-in metal accessories inside each bag. You would not want e.g. the end of a zipper band to bounce on your wallet while walking.
6. The dark coloured lining of a handbag has the risk of transferring its dye to your light-coloured wallets.
7. Do not overload your wallet. If the items are bulging the silhouette of your wallet, consider buying a new one meeting your needs.


1. Should the surface of a grained leather surface becomes wet, dab dry gently with a soft cloth.
2. Should the surface of a nappa leather becomes wet, wipe dry gently with a soft cloth.
3. If the wallet drops into an excessive amount of water, empty the wallet and place soft napkins to each separate compartment.
4. Take care of any stains immediately after they happen.


1. Marks and changes on a leather surface are expected signs of beloved wallets. Choose a high-quality leather wallet that would age beautifully.
2. For regular daily leather cleaning, a damp soft cloth may be used.
3. For deep cleaning and maintenance, after wetting and wringing out a cotton cloth with warm water, rubbing a small amount of saddle soap to the cloth would be enough to lift out the dirt from the surface of your wallet. While cleaning, do not be harsh on the leather, the seams and the edge paints.
4. A leather conditioner applied to the surface would prevent cracks for a time. It would be wise to have a watching eye.
5. Keep your unused wallets in dust bags just like your handbags.

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