1. 91% of people carry their smartphones in a bag while outdoors (1)
2. Green handbags have highest resell value delivering a 65.7% return (2)
3. Special edition luxury handbags have a 49% share of sales among other luxury collaboration goods (3)
4. Women in the UK own an average of 14 handbags (4)
5. 34% of accessory shoppings in the UK are handbag or manbag (5)
6. 40% of all pre-owned purchases were handbags in APAC countries (6)
7. Lipsticks or lip gloss is the leading beauty product carried by women in their handbag in the UK (7)
8. 28% of people in the US have plans of buying a new bag in the coming 4-6 months period (8)
9. The overall criteria in handbag purchase are 'color', 'price', 'pattern and logo', 'reputation', 'material', 'storage room', and 'size', in the descending order of importance according to a study in Korea (9)

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