You may have a large collection of handbags, but you might still experience a feeling of a non-existing color you have difficulty in identifying. If this is the case, we have good news! Examining your wardrobe will probably give you the “a-ha moment” and figure out what key color of handbag you need.

Choose the general appearance and color qualities of your clothing and you will find a few tips about what color leather accessories you need:



Petek 1855 Earth Tones

A wardrobe mainly consisting of earth toned clothing, would love the company of saturated greens, reds, teals even burnt oranges as leather accessories.



Petek 1855 Black & White

If you have a black-white clothing habit, it would not make us surprised to hear that most of your handbags are black as well. Try a pop of color in your handbag. Either with tip-to-toe black costumes or a combination of black-white, you might enjoy carrying a color. Try a red. Try a blue. Try a pink. Try your favorite! Just try!



Petek 1855 light colors

Light colored apparel would best be matched with other light colors. Color combination difficulties often occur when a dark handbag is added to such light and fresh colors.



Petek 1855 clear colors

Choosing solid colors and avoiding patterns usually requires “all items to be combined” to be bold and bright.



Petek 1855 small patterns

Small patterned clothes -even if there are bright colors- appear to be blended like watercolor. The transparency feeling requires soft and muted colors to be combined with. Stay away from bright and very dark colored leather goods.



Petek 1855 clear patterns

Clear and bold patterns are best to be matched with mid-tone clear colors. You might like to choose a handbag color matching the patterns instead of the main background color.



Petek 1855 100% your favorite color

Always buying the same colored clothes? You probably have heard that it’s the most difficult thing to match the same color in different materials. The tonal shifts usually displeases the eye. So why not make a surprising choice and go with the contrasting color. If you are a pink-addict choose a turquoise handbag, if you are a red-addict choose a green handbag.

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