An efficient bag is the one you use often. Which means, it should flatter many outfits.

Commonly used meaning of “neutral” usually points to earthy tones or black. By their nature, earth tones are desaturated, which means they are not able to overpower surrounding colors. Black, although being a very strong color, has sometimes been accused of not having a color.

Choosing neutral colors seems to be a risk-free decision. For some of us it is boring.  If you want more from your bag, to be proud of your selection, to let your handbag start a conversation, to honor your appearance you might be fond using “color”. If you are in-between these two approaches, we would like to whisper:

“Did you know that some colors although being bold, can be «your own neutrals» as well?”

Here is our tip. Any color that you have in your natural coloring, be it your eye or hair color, can easily be mimicked as it is or with a darker version to take place in “your” palette of neutral colors.

You might even go more creative with your neutral palette and add your favorite daily lipstick color to your daytime neutrals and your favorite vibrant lipstick color to your nighttime neutrals.

You want to go more courageous? Without taking any risks? Copy the color of your prescription glasses and add the color to your leather accessory neutrals!

Repeating a color you already have on you never would go wrong!

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