We carefully consider every single step of production process for a sustainable future.

- Our brand employs a “timeless fashion” understanding. Rather than creating seasonal ‘trendy’ products that will be out of fashion quickly, we aim to design classic pieces that will endure the challenges of time.

- In process of building and expanding  collections, our design team study needs and opinions of brand’s customers to create functional and well considered pieces.

- Our edited collections are designed to avoid overproduction and excess inventory.

- Working closely with our suppliers and strictly monitoring our supply chains, we ensure the highest quality in our materials.

-  All of the high-quality leathers used in our products are sourced locally to avoid the environmental impacts of unnecessary transportation. 

- Through well-planned pre-production and production stages, we aim to reduce waste and use every material effectively.

- Our qualified personnel check every single piece in detail both at end of production and before shipping orders. 

As Petek 1855, we are constantly on the lookout for better alternatives and innovative, echo-friendly solutions.  For us sustainability is a journey, and we are determined to take better steps every day. 

Perfect leathercraftsmanship fits in this box

We are committed to minimize the use of plastic packaging and unnecessary packaging materials. While there are some necessary steps of packaging to ensure the safe delivery of purchased items to our customers,  we try our best to use recycled, recyclable and reusable materials.