The Petek tradition

Established as a family business, Petek has been committed to leather craftsmanship at the highest, exceptional quality standard since 1855. Throughout decades, Petek family have ambitiously gathered the most sophisticated secrets of leather artisanship from around the world. As this expertise was passed from father to son, each generation honed their skills with modern techniques to be able to design and produce products that would honor the brand’s centuries old, proud heritage. Creative artistry, delicate details, masterful craftsmanship with an emphasis on durability, longevity and functionality are the key elements of the longstanding Petek tradition.

Visionary new line

Petek 1855, company’s beloved and visionary new line, is created with such core values to offer timeless, authentic pieces that are designed to suit every aspect of modern life. In connection with the company’s deep-rooted historical inspirations, Petek 1855 internalizes a slow fashion understanding and a trendless approach to its designs that evolve around individual uniqueness. Always looking for progressive ways to reduce its environmental footprint, Petek 1855 product lines that drop in as editions rather than seasonal collections to avoid dead stock and reduce the environmental impacts of unnecessary production.

Petek 1855 is dedicated to create meticulously crafted pieces that are designed to last.

Our focus is always on offering timeless pieces rather than following temporary trends. The company name, Petek, means “honeycomb” in Turkish, symbolizing the hardworking honeybee. And just like a beehive, Petek family runs their whole business - from design to manufacturing - under one roof, and as a single unit with a common passion.