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Candy Collection

The ceremony of serving akide candy, hides a great wisdom behind traditions. The acceptance of the candy, just like their bold colours communicate, is a sign of deep trust between the presenter and receiver.   

In this launch edition, Pera Mini Bag comes in a dynamic selection of colors, with an homage to Istanbul’s traditional “akide” candy and the historical candy shops around Pera district. The candy color palette  provides a variety of options that you can mix and match easily, expressing your individuality. 

Made in Istanbul.

We build our collections with two essential rules:
Timeless aesthetics and high functionality.

Petek 1855 internalizes a slow fashion understanding and a trendless approach to its designs that evolve around individual uniqueness.

All of Petek 1855 bags and small leather goods are produced locally, in Istanbul, combining decades worth of experience with a high-aesthetic perspective and an understanding of modern lifestyle requirements.

Petek 1855

Petek 1855 is dedicated to create meticulously crafted pieces that are designed to last. Our focus is always on offering timeless pieces rather than following temporary trends.

Your lifelong friend is in this box

Petek 1855 employs a “timeless fashion” understanding. Rather than creating seasonal ‘trendy’ products that will be out of fashion quickly, we aim to design classic pieces that will endure the challenges of time.

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